Water Engineering Solutions, Dewatering Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Oman, Bahrain

Meet the team

We pride ourselves in having a dedicated, highly experienced team and providing our clients with solutions, practical advice and support services. Our team is fully committed to ensuring the level of service we offer is never compromised.

We all work as part of a team in a dynamic work place where achievements are rewarded and progress encouraged. Hydroserv aim to ensure that all personnel work in an environment that is supportive, safe, fair, consistent, challenging and enjoyable.

Managing Director – Tom Doyle

Tom is an astute businessman with a background in mechanical services and having managed a number of businesses in the fields of construction, water and pipe works. Our MD has full control of all aspects of the business and holds the responsibility for the direction of Hydroserv in Qatar and emerging markets in the greater Middle East region. The operational performance of the company is attributed to Tom’s commitment, determination and on the ground efficiency.

Engineering Director – Barry O’Sullivan

Barry is a Chartered Engineer with wide-ranging experience in leading design teams on bidding and successfully delivering multidisciplinary projects related to dewatering, over pumping and remediation. He has over eight years’ experience in dewatering projects in Europe and the Middle East and is head of Business Development and portfolio diversification.

Operations Manager, Qatar – Ryan Bradley

Our Operations Manager Ryan is responsible for the continuous improvement of our multi-site operations. With a wide knowledge and experience in installing, operating and maintaining dewatering systems in the Middle East, he controls materials planning, plant distribution, manpower management and resourcing for all sites.

Sales Manager, Qatar – Ericsson Santos

Ericsson is an experienced Sales Manager with a background in a wide range of dewatering applications and machinery. Ericsson is responsible for order intake, sales and gross margins for dewatering and related activities in Qatar. He plays an active role in the market in developing partner setup by identifying new and possible partners in the area and also in developing direct sales. Holding a degree in Sales and Marketing he fully understands the market and customer requirements.

Deputy General Manager, Qatar – Peter Acheson

Peter overseas the smooth operation of our sites across the Qatar , from materials management for existing and future projects to plant distribution, resourcing and manpower management.  He works closely with Project Managers during installation, operation and maintenance of dewatering systems. Peter previously worked in the oil and gas sector in Qatar.

Country Manager, Qatar– Bashar Al Shami

Bashar is a Civil Engineer who has worked with Civil Main Contractors in the planning, execution and construction of major water infrastructure projects including sewerage, storm and potable water networks. His experience, gained in the Middle East and Canada, also includes technical and design work in engineering and design consultancies. Most recently Bashar has been involved in dewatering and over-pumping system designs and is based in Qatar as regional Country Manager for Hydroserv.

Construction Manager, Oman – Georgian Gheorghe

Georgian is a Civil Engineer with vast knowledge and experience in site operations for buildings and infrastructure projects, working for civil Main Contractors in Europe and North Africa. He has operational responsibility for our projects across Oman, managing work force, materials, plant, installation and operation of dewatering systems. He is also involved in design, tendering, planning and procurement for future projects.

Business Development Manager, Oman – Arun Lukose

Arun’s role involves identifying new customers and developing a business plan to reach them, closing new business deals by coordinating requirements, developing & negotiating contracts and integrating contract requirements with business operations. Arun is adept at developing new business relationships, generating and negotiating new revenues. With a Mechanical Engineering background Arun has worked on pipeline projects (natural gas & water), drilling and dewatering projects across India and Oman.

Safety Officer – Eric Tapere

Eric is a dynamic professional with experience in Health, Safety and Environmental implementation in the civil, oil and gas construction sectors. He is adept in drafting, developing and delivering safety training programs for employees in order for work hazards to be recognized and mitigated.  Eric works with our clients and their sites to ensure the safety of our employees by checking and drafting precautionary safety measures to prevent workplace accidents. Inspections and accident/incident investigations are also part of Eric’s role.

QA/QC Officer – Saravanan Raj

Saravanan has specialized in quality assurance and quality control in a wide range of industries and has over 10 years of successfully implementing ISO standards and certifications. He is a IRCA certified lead auditor for 9001 series standard and is responsible for maintaining Hydroserv’s quality standards and working closely with our clients to meet their QA/QC requirements.

Accounts Manager – Yasin Ibrahim

Yasin is a chartered certified accountant with over eight years’ experience in accountancy, audit and finance. His field specialties include audit and taxation, consultancy, contracting, automotive parts manufacturing and trading of industrial equipment. As a result of his experience in Asia and the GCC, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience for engineering business concerns.